Hair Care

Here are some helpful Hair Care Tips and products will work well with our hair extensions. Some products can be purchased in Salons while others can easily be found in your local drugstore, market or Beauty Supply. Please be mindful, each bundle of hair comes from a different donor, therefore each bundle will be uniquely different. A product that you may always use or have used in the past may not always work well with every texture or bundle of hair. It can take a few weeks to create a regimen that works for your hair. At about two weeks, you know if your regimen is a good one for your extensions. If your hair is moisturized and easy to manage, its agreeing with your regimen. If at this point your hair begins to tangle, its an indication that your hair isn't getting enough moisture. The products listed below are some things that we have tried and have worked with some. They may not work work well with all or some of your bundles. If your hair isn't getting enough moisture, you will need something heavier or richer until you find something that agrees with all of your hair.

You will have to be patient in creating a new regimen that works for your hair. If the first doesn't work, dont continue with it. Try another regimen until your hair agrees with it. You will have to remember that your hair is not new. Someone has been successfully wearing the hair 20+ years before you have received it. So if your hair suddenly becomes unmanageable, its most likely due to its new regimen and not a question of the hairs quality. "Bad batches" and "bad bundles" are terms that can be used more appropriately in Non Virgin hair opposed to 100% Virgin Best Quality Unprocessed Human Hair that you will receive from Your Hair Heaven. The Hair here isn't manufactured or created. Its simply Pure Virgin hair that has been washed and wefted so it can't easily be labeled as bad; but uniquely different than the other bundles that you may have.

Washing and Conditioning your Hair

Virtually any good moisturizing shampoo or conditioner will suffice when trying to moisturize your hair. There’s no need to use expensive or salon grade products on your hair once you've found a good quality drugstore brand that works for you and your hair extensions type or texture. As long as your hair gets continuous moisture, you choose the right styling products, and you keep your hair clean, it will look and feel great! When your hair starts to get dry, tangle, look dull or even shed more than normal, this means there is a buildup of product and/or your hair is very dry needing moisture and a deep condition. Conditon your hair at least once per week but the more you do this, the more soft, healthy and manageable your hair will become. Avoid using shampoo too often especially if your hair is dry unless its necessary. Shampoo has a tendency to be drying-especially with curlier textures.

If you wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly,

In addition to continuous moisture, a quality styling serum should be a staple used to calm your hair, prevent frizz, seal in your hairs moisture, and add shine.

When applying heat to your hair, always use a quality heat protectant. As your own hair; your extensions will become damaged by excessive heat. If your hair becomes heat damaged, it will lose its natural curl/wave pattern, and/or have many damaged dry or brittle ends. Heat damage cannot be reversed. Coarser textures are more prone to heat damage and dryness.

To wash and condition your hair.

•Design Essentials Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners
•Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Argan Oil Conditioner
•Organix Moisturizing Shampoos, Conditioners, and Masks-Macadamia Oil, Coconut Milk, Tea Tree Oil (for finer textured hair) *** SEE NOTE BELOW
•Macadamia Natural Brand Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
•Organic Root Stimulator Revitalizing Conditioner (for extra dry or damaged hair)
•Paul Mithchell The Detangler Conditioner (for extra dry or tangled hair)
•Suave Professionals Sleek Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
•One 'N' Only Restorative Mask (for extra dry hair)

***These products are known to cause severe dryness and tangle hair:
•Herbal Essence Shampoos, 2in1, and Conditioners
•Organix Moroccan Shampoo/Conditioner (blue bottles)

Styling Waves or Curls

When styling your curls, they are activated simply by water alone. To add cotinuous needed moisture, in a spray bottle you can add a large amount of water and a small amount of leave in conditioner. You can apply this to your hair every morning or you can simply co-wash it while showering. If you choose to wear your curls dry, they will still look great; but for an extra curly look and to help detangle, your hair will need to be wet first to activate your curls. Always brush your hair with a wig brush or wide toothed comb, starting from the bottom and working your way up to prevent tangling and excessive shedding. Its very important to keep your curly hair moisturized by conditioning and moisturizing very often as often as daily.

For styling, :
•John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Perfecting Spray (not moisturizing)
•John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum (all strengths)
•Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
•One n Only Argan Oil and Argan Oil Styling Products
•Macadamia Natural Oil brand Leave in Conditoner (moisturizing)
•Macadamia Natural Oil Brand Oil Treatement
•Organix Argan/Macadamia Oil
•Organix Moroccan Curl Defining Cream (moisturizing)
•Organix Coconut Serum

Tangling or Matting

If your hair is tangling it means its DRY or has product buildup. If all of your hair is dry, then try another conditioner or regimen that works better at moisturizing your hair. All conditioners and product will not work well with every bundle. Each bundles comes from a single donor and may or may not respond well to your regimen. If one or more of your bundles is tangling, deep condition your hair with a rich conditioner or mask and allow it to sit on the hair for at least an hour. If your hair responds well to a deep condtion and stops tangling, then continue to deep condtion as often as your hair needs it. If your hair does not respond well to a deep condition, you will need to try a product that agrees with your hair. You may have a bundle of hair that doesnt act or respond like the others. It doesnt mean your bundle is "bad". It means that you will need to find a regimen that agrees with that bundle until they all cooperate harmoniously. If your hair has product buildup, wash your hair with a clarifying or sulfate free shampoo and recondition your hair as normal.

Virgin hair (especially curly hair) is very high maintenance. If you aren't willing to maintain your hairs moisture and cleanliness pr taking the time to find a good regimen. you may want to consider another texture. Curly hair is definitely for advanced-intermediate Virgin hair wearers and extremely different than caring for hair from your local Beauty Supply Store.

Relieving itchiness

Your scalp may get itchy at times while wearing hair extensions. If so, you can fill a spray bottle with Sea Breeze Astrigent and spray directly on your scalp. Try to avoid spraying your hair since the smell is quite strong. This will stop itching on contact and it safe for your scalp. You can Co-wash your hair afterward or simply allow it to air dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been proven to balance your hairs PH and its also effectively relieves an itchy scalp. When washing your hair, you can apply apple cider vinegar on your hair before or during conditioning your hair. You can rinse it off with your conditioner. This works and its totally natural and healthy for your hair and scalp. You can also apply apple cider vinegar directly to your scalp in a spray bottle or squeeze bottle.