1. What is Virgin Hair? Virgin hair is completely unprocessed with its cuticles intact and running in the same direction. Which prevents tangling; and is a healthier long lasting hair. Has not undergone any chemical process such as dye, perm, or exposed to any harsh chemicals. All of our virgin hair is from one or two donors and is lice free. 2. How Much hair is in one bundle and how much do I need? There is 3-4oz in each bundle, for a full head approximately 3 bundles are needed.

3. What is the Shipping Policy? When Do I Receive My Tracking Number?

A. After you place your order, it takes EXQUISITEHAIR 48 Business Hours to process your order, after your order is processed you will receive order within 10 business days, this time frame leaves room for shipping delays via ups or USPS and/or FEDEX that EXQUISITEHAIR cannot control. You will receive your tracking number on or before the 7th business day, also all orders placed after 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time, will be considered placed on the next business day.
B. Express Shipping 3-5 Business days, ALL RULES STILL APPLIES

4. How Will I Receive My Package? United States
Postal Service (USPS)

5. What Is The Return Policy? There Are No Refunds, Or Exchanges We Guarantee All of Our Hair and Provide you with the finest Virgin Hair. Once an order is placed ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

6. What happens if My Order is Returned back to Sender?
If it’s returned because of an error on EXQUISITEHAIR we will resend and pay for shipping cost. If you did not receive the package upon delivery you will have to pay the shipping cost to be sent back out